20-21 Nov 2023
Starting 08:00 am
Ambato, EC
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During this congress, relevant issues such as energy transition, climate change, sustainable mobility, waste management, and energy efficiency in buildings, among others, will be addressed. In addition, in this edition, the university community is invited to raise issues related to a circular economy, sustainable food, social justice, agribusiness, water, biodiversity, and Big Data Analysis.

The main objective of this congress is to encourage dialogue and the exchange of ideas among the participants to identify innovative and collaborative solutions to address the most pressing challenges of society in these areas.

This meeting will feature sustainability, urban planning, energy, agribusiness, economy, data analysis, and industry experts. This multidisciplinary group of researchers will make it possible to transfer knowledge between academic institutions, raise research, and analyze how intermediate cities and industries will likely change and adapt sustainably in the coming months and years.

Thank you for joining us on this journey toward a more sustainable future!


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Multidisciplinary group of researchers

Sustainability refers to the ability to meet present needs without compromising future needs.
Cities have a crucial role in achieving sustainable development objectives
Energy is a critical component of sustainable development, and it is closely related

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