Call for papers


The CSECity’244th Congress in Sustainability, Energy and City is a forum for researchers and professionals to present and discuss innovations, trends, results, experiences, and more recent concerns in the different perspectives of sustainability, energy, and city. In addition, this edition is invited to the university community to present and deliberate on the latest innovations, trends, outcomes, experiences, and pressing challenges within the realms of sustainability, energy, and urban development. 


Big data can be used to analyze energy consumption in homes, buildings, and cities and optimize energy use. It can also be used to monitor and predict renewable energy generation, such as solar and wind energy, and improve energy distribution networks’ efficiency.


Big Data can be used to analyze traffic and transport patterns, which can help optimize public transport and reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. It can also be used to develop sustainable mobility models and to encourage the use of shared transport and active transport modes.

Natural Resources Management

Big Data can be used to monitor and predict climate change and the effects of human activity on natural resources, such as deforestation and soil degradation. It can also be used to monitor water and air quality and to develop sustainable management models of natural resources.

Food production

Big Data can be used to analyze food production and distribution and improve production systems’ efficiency. It can also be used to optimize the management of natural resources used in food production and to improve food security.


The works presented must be related to one or more of the main topics proposed for the conference: 

A) Agriculture and Food; B) Biodiversity and conservation; C) Biogeochemical cycles; D) Climate and ecology; E) Energy; F) Environmental chemistry; G) Environmental health; H) Environmental risk assessment; I) Environmental engineering, sustainability, and green technology; J) Infrastructure and Sustainability; K) Natural resources; L) Policy, socioeconomics, and law; M) Pollution; N) Water and hydrology; O) Atmospheric science and meteorology; P) Climatology and paleoclimatology; Q) Geochemistry; R) Geography; S) Geology; T) Geophysics; U) Glaciology; V) Mineralogy and petrology; W) Oceanography; X) Paleontology; Y) Soil Science; Z) Volcanology. 

The works accepted in the 4th Congress in Sustainability, Energy, and City will be published in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science indexed in Scopus.  


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